Autism and Related Learning Differences

While engaging in academics, students are taught to evaluate their emotions, recognize social cues, engage in meaningful conversations, and are given academic work to fit their particular learning style. The work is challenging but our goal is to teach the student and not overwhelm them. We use direct instruction and multi-sensory learning to help students achieve mastery in any given subject. Technology will assist in some areas of learning. Community field trips are opportunities for hands on learning. We strive to meet the student with a whole learning approach to meet their individual, academic, and social goals. 

Dyslexia and Related Learning Differences
(Specific Learning Disorders)

We offer the SEE program to our students.  Vickie Johnson, M.Ed. has completed the Sequential English Education Teaching Level from the Shelton School in Dallas, Texas, the largest school for learning disabilities in the world. The teaching level includes rigorous training In the Sequential English Education program for reading. SEE is a specific language series (reading, writing & spelling) program for students with specific language disabilities, dyslexia and related disorders. The Teaching Level consists of 80 hours of coursework in this alphabetic, phonetic, structural and linguistic approach. This program is approved by the  International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC). 

After School Tutoring Sessions

Tutoring sessions are offered to  students that may need help with their academic skills in one of these subject areas:  reading, math, writing, language arts,  history and science. We offer evening tutoring services on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. These sessions meet at the Zachary or Central Libraries. Sessions fill up fast so call today!